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Unlike other documents such as word processing documents or spreadsheets, presentations are designed to be dynamic. With PowerPoint, you can use a variety of animation and transition effects to add pizzazz to your presentations.

Preset Animation

Preset animations let you animate objects on your slides when you're giving a presentation.

Adding Animation Effects

Add preset text, image animation effects to slides. Change preset animation effects on text, images.

PowerPoint includes both preset and custom animations. Preset animations are easier to apply; custom animations are more complex but also more flexible.

To apply a preset animation to a piece of text or an image, first select the text or image by clicking on it. Then, select Preset Animation from the Slide Show menu. This action shows you a submenu with 14 animation effects, such as flying from the top of the screen or appearing typewriter-fashion. Select the animation you'd like to apply to the element.

To see the effects of your animation, you can either run the slide show by pressing F5 or select Animation Preview from the Slide Show menu. You need to click the mouse or the spacebar once to display each animation on the slide if you run the slide show. If you select Animation Preview, the animation appears in the separate window shown in Figure 7.21.

Figure 7.21. The Animation Preview window.

To change the preset animation for an image or a piece of text, just select Preset Animation from the Slide Show menu and choose a new preset to use.


The difference between animations and transitions is that animations happen on a single slide, whereas transitions happen between slides.

Adding Transition Effects

Add transition effects between slides. Change slide transition effects between slides.

The easiest way to add transition effects between slides is to first switch to Slide Sorter view. Then, click on the slide after the transition. (For example, to create a transition between the first and the second slide, click on the second slide.) Right-click and select Slide Transition to display the Slide Transition dialog box, shown in Figure 7.22.

Figure 7.22. Creating a transition between slides.

Select a slide effect and a speed in the dialog box. The little picture of the doggie shows you a preview of the selected transition. Click Apply to apply the transition to just this slide or Apply to All to apply it to all slides.

To change the slide transition between slides, just repeat the process of choosing a slide transition. The new slide transition replaces the old one.

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