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You can print data and objects in almost any environment and in any form, but you'll seldom want to. Most of the time, you print reports . Occasionally, you might print query output for a quick review. In this section, you'll learn the following:

  • How to preview data as it will print in a table, form, or report

  • How to determine a report's orientation and paper

  • How to print data in a table, query, form, and report

Prepare to Print

Printing data in a database is usually a simple process. You should be able to both preview and print data in a table, query, form, and report.

Previewing a Table, Form, or Report

Preview a table, form, report.

Print Preview is a special mode that shows you what the selected object will look like printed. To view an object in Print Preview, simply click the Print Preview button on the toolbar. You use this mode to determine whether a report is balanced well, to confirm that all the elements are visible, and so on. It's just an easy way to find problems so you can fix them before you waste time, paper, and ink printing.

Modifying Page Options

Change report orientation: portrait, landscape. Change paper size.

Portrait orientation is the default page setup for all objects. Portrait orientation assumes that the data is printed from top to bottom. The other orientation option is landscape, which turns text sideways . As a result, the (normally) left and right margins become the top and bottom margins.

To choose an orientation, open the object you plan to print and then choose Page Setup from the File menu to open the Page Setup dialog box, shown in Figure 6.29. On the Page tab, click one of the Orientation options. Choose one of the predefined options from the Size control's drop-down list to change the paper size on which you want to print.

Figure 6.29. Modifying report page options.

Print Options

You want to print the data you want and only the data you want, and fortunately, Access makes that easy.

Printing Tables

Print a page, selected record(s), complete table.

You can print one record, a set of records, a single page, or all the records in a table. With the table open, choose Print from the File menu or press Ctrl+P. In the Print dialog box, choose from the following options:

  • All Prints all the data in the table.

  • Pages Enter the first and last page you want to print in the From and To controls, respectively.

  • Selected Record(s) Prints only those records that are currently selected.

Pressing the Print tool prints all the records in the table.

Printing Forms

Print all records using form layout, specific pages using form layout.

Determining what gets printed while viewing data in a form is essentially the same as with a table. If you press the Print tool, Access prints all the records within the context of the current form. You might want to preview such a request before actually printing, just to make sure you're going to get what you expect. You certainly don't get just the one record in the one form: you get a series of forms, each showing one record.

To print a single record or selected records, choose Print from the File menu (or press Ctrl+P) and refer to the options discussed in the last section (for tables).

Printing a Query

Print the result of a query.

Printing the output from a query is exactly the same as printing a table or a form. To print the entire query, press the Print button. To exercise more control, choose Print from the File menu or press Ctrl+P and refer to the options in the previous section (on printing tables).

Printing Reports

Print specific page(s) in a report, complete report.

To print an entire report, select the report and click the Print button. Or choose Print from the File menu (or press Ctrl+P) to display the Print dialog box. Click the All option, and then click OK.

To print a single page, display the Print dialog box. Enter the page number in the From control, and click OK. To print multiple pages, enter the first and last page in the range of pages you want to print in the From and To controls, and click OK.

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