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Question 1

You need to transfer data from Microsoft Excel to another application. Which of these formats can you use to save your Excel file?

  • A. Microsoft Word ( .doc )

  • B. dBASE ( .dbf )

  • C. Text ( .txt )

  • D. Microsoft Access ( .mdb )

  • E. Bitmap ( .bmp )


Answers B and C are correct. Excel can save files to a variety of text, spreadsheet, and database formats, including plain text and dBASE. Answers A, D, and E are incorrect because Excel cannot directly save files in those formats.

Question 2

Which of these techniques can you use to modify the Excel user interface?

  • A. Remove menus that you never use.

  • B. Show toolbars that are normally hidden.

  • C. Change the text of menu items.

  • D. Zoom in so text appears larger.


Answers B and D are correct. You can right-click in the toolbar area and choose which toolbars to display, and you can use the Zoom control or Ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in on hard to read text. Answers A and C are incorrect because Excel does not allow you to modify its built-in menus.

Question 3

You want to refer to a rectangular group of cells in a formula. The cells in the array should be A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, and B3. Which cell range reference should you use?

  • A. A1B3

  • B. A1:A2:A3:B1:B2:B3

  • C. A1:B3

  • D. A1-3:B1-3


Answer C is correct. To refer to a rectangular cell range, you specify the upper-left and lower-right corners, separated by a colon . Answers A, B, and D are incorrect because they are not valid Excel references.

Question 4

Cell C4 of your worksheet contains a complex formula that took you several hours to develop. You want to type some text in cell D4, but you accidentally type it in cell C4 instead, replacing your formula. What should you do?

  • A. Close the worksheet without saving, and reopen it from the hard drive.

  • B. Re-create your formula from memory.

  • C. Open the worksheet with the same name and the extension .BAK from your hard drive.

  • D. Press Ctrl+Z.


Answer D is correct. Ctrl+Z is the keyboard shortcut for the Undo function, which removes the typing and returns your formula. Answer A is incorrect because unless you've just saved the worksheet, the copy on disk won't contain all your work. Answer B is incorrect because it would be more work than necessary. Answer C is incorrect because Excel does not maintain automatic backups .

Question 5

Which formula should you place in cell C5 to show the results of adding the value in cell A2 to the value in cell B2?

  • A. A2:B2

  • B. =A2+B2

  • C. A2+B2

  • D. 'A2+B2


Answer B is correct. To start a formula, you must use an equals sign. Answer A is incorrect because it is a cell range reference, not a formula. Answer C is incorrect because it doesn't start with an equals sign. Answer D is incorrect because the single quote is used to indicate literal text, not a formula.

Question 6

Which formula should you use to calculate the total of the numbers in cells C2, D2, E2, and F2?

  • A. =SUM(C2:F2)

  • B. =COUNT(C2:F2)

  • C. =SUM(C2+D2+E2+F2)

  • D. =COUNT(C2+D2+E2+F2)


Answer A is correct. To calculate the total, you need to use the SUM function and a cell range reference. Answers B and D are incorrect because the COUNT function counts cells with values; it doesn't calculate their totals. Answers C and D are incorrect because the SUM and COUNT functions require a cell range, not a set of cells.

Question 7

You place the formula =A$1+A$2 in cell A3. Now you copy cell A3 to cell B3. What will be the formula in cell B3?

  • A. =A$1+A$2

  • B. =A$2+A$3

  • C. =B$2+B$3

  • D. =B$1+B$2


Answer D is correct. Answer A is incorrect because the formula hasn't updated at all. Answer B is incorrect because the $ character makes the row numbers absolute but not the column reference. Answer C is incorrect for the same reason.

Question 8

If you type 1345.9873 in a cell on a worksheet, what will Excel display by default?

  • A. 1346.0

  • B. 1345.99

  • C. 1345.987

  • D. 1345.9873


Answer B is correct. Excel rounds numeric values to two decimal places for display by default. Answers A, C, and D are incorrect because they include the wrong number of decimal places.

Question 9

You have changed the font, foreground color, and background color of a cell on your worksheet to match your corporate style. Now you want to apply those choices of color and font to other cells on the worksheet. How should you proceed?

  • A. Use AutoFill to copy the format.

  • B. Use Ctrl+C to copy the format and then Ctrl+V to paste it.

  • C. Use the Format Painter to copy the format.

  • D. Use a formula to copy the format.


Answer C is correct. The Format Painter tool lets you copy formatting from a cell and apply that formatting to other cells without altering their contents. Answer A is incorrect because AutoFill copies values, not formats. Answer B is incorrect because copy and paste overwrite the values in the destination cells. Answer D is incorrect because formulas work with values, not with formats.

Question 10

You have created a bar chart of data from your worksheet. Now you want to see the same data as a pie chart instead. What should you do?

  • A. Delete the bar chart and use the Chart Wizard to create a new pie chart from the same data.

  • B. Use the mouse to drag the bars from the bar chart until they form a pie shape.

  • C. Right-click the bar chart, select Chart Type, and change the type to pie chart.

  • D. Select the chart and then select Pie Chart from the Format menu.


Answer C is correct. The Chart Type menu item lets you quickly convert a chart to a different type. Answer A is incorrect because it requires more work to have the same effect. Answer B is incorrect because you can't drag the bars in that fashion. Answer D is incorrect because the Format menu does not include commands for chart types.

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