Create the cluster resources

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We followed these steps to create the cluster resources.

Create the oserv cluster resource

In order for the oserv service to fail over, we created a resource in the cluster manager for both oserv services. We opened up the cluster manager first on the primary node, and then on the secondary node. We right-clicked the cluster group and selected new resource. We defined the oserv as a Generic Service and added the required information.

Create the trip cluster resource

The trip service is required for the oserv to process correctly, so we also had to create a resource for it in the cluster manager. We opened up the cluster manager on either the primary or secondary node, right-clicked the cluster group, and selected new resource. We defined trip as a generic service and added the required information.

Set up the resource dependencies

To set up the resource dependencies, right-click the oserv resource and set it so that the virtual hostname, virtual IP, quorum disk, shared disk and trip are set as dependencies. Without setting up these dependencies, the oserv could possibly get in to an infinite failover loop.

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