Chapter 5: Implement IBM Tivoli Management Framework in a Cluster

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In this chapter, we show you how to implement IBM Tivoli Management Framework in a highly available cluster. Unlike in the preceding chapters, we show an implementation that consists only of IBM Tivoli Management Framework; we do not involve high availability considerations for IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler.

We specifically discuss the following:

  • "Implement IBM Tivoli Management Framework in an HACMP cluster" on page 412

  • "Implementing Tivoli Framework in a Microsoft Cluster" on page 499

While this is the basis for a highly available Tivoli Enterprise configuration, specific IBM Tivoli products may present unique high availability issues not covered in this redbook. Consult your IBM service provider for assistance with designing and implementing high availability for products like IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console, IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager, IBM Tivoli Monitoring.

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High Availability Scenarios with IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler and IBM Tivoli Framework
High Availability Scenarios With IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler And IBM Tivoli Framework
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