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Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups
By Joe Kissell
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: October 04, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-49218-8
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-49218-0
Pages: 240

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       Quick Start
        Chapter 1.  Start on the Right Foot
      Install the Latest Version of Mac OS X
      Turn On Software Update
      Update Third-Party Software
      Clean Out Accumulated Cruft
      Turn Off Unneeded Login Items
      Create a Backup System
      Run Apple Hardware Test
      Be Sure You Have Enough RAM
      Run Disk Utility
      Make Sure Scheduled Maintenance Tasks Run
      Install Antivirus Software
      Use a Surge Protector
        Chapter 2.  Perform Daily Tasks
      Back Up Changed Files
      Download Software Updates
        Chapter 3.  Perform Weekly Tasks
      Clean Up Your Desktop
      Back Up Everything
      Rotate Backups Offsite
      Use Software Update to Install Apple Software Updates
      Check for Third-Party Software Updates
      Reboot If Performance Seems Slow
      Consider Clearing Certain Caches
        Chapter 4.  Perform Monthly Tasks
      Empty Your Trash
      Use Disk Utility's Repair Disk Feature
      Clean Your Screen
      Clean Your Mouse or Trackball
      Exercise Your Notebook's Battery
        Chapter 5.  Perform Yearly Tasks
      De-Dust Your Mac
      Clean Your Keyboard
      Clean Your iSight
      Make Archival Backups to DVD
      Remove Unneeded Files
      Change Your Passwords
        Chapter 6.  Things You Might Never Need to Do
      Repair Permissions
      Defragment Your Hard Disk
        Chapter 7.  When Apple Releases a New Version of Mac OS X
      Buy It!
      Buy Take Control of Upgrading to _____
      Make a Fresh Bootable Backup
        Chapter 8.  Monitor Your Mac's Health
      Use Monitoring Utilities
      Check Your Drives' S.M.A.R.T. Status
        Chapter 9.  Decide on a Backup Strategy
      Do You Need Duplicates?
      Do You Need Archives?
      Do You Have Special Backup Needs?
      The Duplicate
      The Archive
      Scheduling Backups
      Keeping Multiple Backups
      Backing Up a Small Network
      Joe's Recommended Strategy
        Chapter 10.  Choose Your Backup Hardware
      Hard Drives
      Optical Media
      Magneto-Optical Disks
      Other Removable Media
      Tape Drives
      Flash Drives
      SAN and NAS
      Local Network Servers
      Internet Backup Services
      Joe's Hardware Recommendations
        Chapter 11.  Choose Your Backup Software
      Duplication Features
      Archiving Features
      Ease of Use
      Support and Reputation
      Joe's Software Recommendations
        Chapter 12.  Set Up Your Backup System
      Test Hardware First
      Partition Hard Disks
      Install and Test Software
      Label Media and Files
      Set Up Duplicates
      Test Your Duplicate
      Set Up Archives
      Test Your Archive
      Automate Your Backups
      Mind Your Media
      Restore Data from a Backup
        Appendix A.  Troubleshooting Resources
        Appendix B.  Backup Software
      Duplication+Archiving Software
      Duplication Software
      Archiving Software
      Synchronization Software
      Photo-Cataloging Software
      Photo-Sharing Services
      Internet Backup Services
      Version Control Software
      Other Software
        Appendix C.  A Retrospect Primer
      Retrospect Terminology
      The Directory
      Set Up a Duplicate Script
      Set Up a Backup Server Script
      Set Up a Backup Script
      Back Up Network Clients
      Recycle a Backup Set
      Restore a Backup
       Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups Periodic Task Checklist

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