Origins of this book

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Perhaps the best thing about this book is that it is based on, and in fact was born out of, the author's real-world projects. Since 1998, Dmitry Kirsanov Studio [6] has created web sites for customers around the world. In recent years all the web sites we do are based on XML and XSLT. This book is a snapshot of our current XML experience.


I am a technical writer, freelance XML/XSLT expert, and graphic designer. The book also draws on the magazine and online articles and books I've written. Among these are Dmitry's Design Lab, [7] a monthly column (19971999) devoted to exploring creative as well as technical issues pertaining to web design, and Dmitry Kirsanov's Web Design Book [8] (1999, in Russian), which has become one of the most influential Russian-language books on web design.

[7] www. webreference .com/dlab



XSLT 2.0 Web Development
ASP.Net 2.0 Cookbook (Cookbooks (OReilly))
ISBN: 0596100647
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 90

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