Save and Load Searches

If you perform the same search frequently, you can save the search criteria, so you don't need to enter all the conditions and options each time you search.

To save the search criteria, enter any necessary text in the Search box, select the options you need, set the conditions, and specify the display option you want. Then, click Save Search. Give the search a name (see Figure 7.8), and then click OK.

Figure 7.8. Enter a name to use when you want to call up this search criteria again.

Later, when you want to use the search you created, you click More in the Search bar and then choose Load Search. Choose the name from the drop-down list, and click Search.

If you have access privileges in the database to create a private folder, create one to hold your search results. Choose Edit, Select All to select all the documents that resulted from the search. Copy the documents into your folder. If you drag the selected documents into your new folder, Notes moves them into the folder and they will no longer appear in your Inbox, so be sure to copy, not move.

In this chapter you learned how to index and search databases. In the next chapter you learn how to set mail and calendar preferences.

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