Replicating and Sending Mail

Notes handles your local mail a little differently than it does other local databases. When you send messages, Notes deposits them into a database whose filename is When you work with your server-based mail database, Notes deposits outgoing messages into your mail server's database, named [SERVERNAME] Mailbox. But when you work in your local mail database, Notes deposits your outgoing messages into a local, named Outgoing Mail. The local isn't a replica of the one on the server, so outgoing mail isn't replicated back to the server. Rather, when you tell Notes to send outgoing mail, it removes the outgoing messages from the local and redeposits them into the server's mailbox. Meanwhile, the router on your mail server delivers incoming messages into the server's copy of your mail database. Your server and local mail databases are replicas of each other, so incoming messages do replicate from the server to the local mail database.

To see the mail that is waiting to be sent, open the Outgoing Mail database by choosing File, Database, Open from the menu. You won't see the Outgoing Mail database listed in the databases. You need to enter in the Filename box. Click Open to see the database. You might want to bookmark the database if you intend to use it again.

You can view a list of the messages awaiting delivery, but you can't read the mail message from the Outgoing Mail database.

When you work directly with your server-based mail, you can't snatch your mail back after you've sent it. Deleting the Mail Memo from your mail database won't stop its delivery. When you work with a local copy of your mail database, however, you can stop the mail before it gets to the server. If you haven't sent outgoing mail to the server yet, the mail is still in the Outgoing Mail database. Open the database, select the mail message, and click the Delete Message button on the Action bar. You'll also want to delete any copy of it that you may have saved in your mail database.

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