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Signum Technologies

Signum Technologies is a vendor of advanced digital data protection and integrity technology. Signum's data integrity, authentication, and copyright protection software are also marketed as VeriData and SureSign. Driven by the needs of a diverse client base, Signum Technologies' responsive research and development and business teams continue to shape the future direction of the company's advanced watermarking solutions.


The SureSign Software Development Kit (SDK) for audio, video, and still images allows application software developers to quickly integrate SureSign watermarking tools into a wide range of audio applications.

VeriData iDem

For many users of digital photography, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of digital images is a primary consideration, especially in situations where photographic evidence may be subject to judicial or ethical scrutiny. VeriData iDem software was specifically developed in conjunction with forensic scientists and crime-scene investigators to overcome the problem of digital image integrity. iDem can detect that an image has been modified and can also pinpoint the site of any localized alteration. The software provides a useful audit trail to support the chain of evidence, such as identifying who processed the image, when it was processed, and which workstation it was processed on. It can validate images created with almost all makes and models of digital cameras or scanners.

VeriData iDem is now in widespread use with law enforcement and government agencies and blue-chip corporations worldwide who need to ensure the integrity of their digital photographic records. Images validated by VeriData iDem have been regularly presented in courtrooms since early 2000.

More information can be found at www.signumtech.com.

Investigator's Guide to Steganography
Investigators Guide to Steganography
ISBN: 0849324335
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 220

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