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SealTronic Technology, Inc.

SealTronic Technology's products are based on digital watermarking, data hiding technology, and Digital Rights Managements. SealTronic provides consulting services in the field of multimedia contents security and electronic document authentication. SealTronic Technology develops technologies involving copyright protection and verification, contents security for electronic governments and companies, and authentication and tracking of forged multimedia documents.

Multimedia Content Security Products Group (RIGHTS@fer Multimedia)

The RIGHTS@fer Multimedia Product Group is designed and developed to support the download, streaming environment for distribution of multimedia content and to prevent illegal reproduction of content with user authentication and encryption. This product group is designed for secured, convenient usage of content in various environments such as the wired/wireless environment, peer-to-peer services, satellite, or IP broadcasting, etc.

  • RS Media

  • RS Streaming

Authentication Products Group (MagiCheck)

MagiCheck is designed to overcome the weakness of digital content, which is easy manipulation. Due to this weakness of digital content, it cannot be admitted in courts as evidence. MagiCheck solutions ensure authenticity of the digital content by applying authentication watermarks. MagiCheck can be applied to various digital imaging documents, digital camera images, photographs, and surveillance video images such as in government, public organizations, financial institutions, hospitals, etc.

  • MC Document

  • MC Image

  • MC Video

Copyright Protection Products Group (MagicTag)

MagicTag Products Group is designed to protect rights of copyright holders. MagicTag solutions provide proof of copyright ownership of digital content such as images, video, and audio files.

  • MT Image

  • MT Video

  • MT Audio

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Investigator's Guide to Steganography
Investigators Guide to Steganography
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