2 New potentialities

2 New potentialities

What are the new potentialities offered by the POGO system? The system allows the child to enter physically into the story thanks to the use of the table camera and of the camera. This camera also makes it possible for the children to be seen in activity. Their reflexivity to activity of narrative construction thus becomes possible and encouraged. The beamer is also used by the children to photograph part of their body and to modify, thanks to colour features or the morphing, and to add the effects of distortion of the images, and being of real play interest for the children. The beamer thus allows one, following the example of the camera, to project the body of child in the image, and a fortiori in history. To write with the fingers seems particularly appreciated by children.

The Pogo system enables integration of the traditional tools for narrative construction (paper-pencil, drawings, account), by opening the field of new possibilities: disguises, sounds, vocal effects can be created, projected , combined. The introduction of several instruments being able to be simultaneously used to capture, handle and to combine images and sounds enables the increased participation of all the children in the construction of the contents history. The simultaneous use of the tools also introduces a more individual dimension into the narration: each child could at the same time take part in collective creation and give its contribution personal, if it wishes. The construction of history becomes multimode : video, virtual and real images, sounds, voice, can be combined, dissociated, be worked separately and simultaneously . The introduction of sound as a narrative element increases the expressive possibilities of Pogo: children can give their voice to the characters , improvise dialogues , recreate sound atmospheres, etc.

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The system is user -friendly. There are analogies between the form of tools and their effects and average use. The functionalities of the system are distributed in a clear and simple way among each tool. The system is appropriate for children from 6 years of age, who quickly apprehend the operation of the tools.

Construction of history is not a work for the children, but take on an play aspect. School becomes a space of plays and discovery.

The system encourages communication and co-operation among the children, necessary elements to make a real co-ordination of all the elements of history present at the same time. The system encourages the inspirational phases and production, opening up an enormous field of possibilities in the style of the stories, the manner of building, and in the various media backing the activities.

In addition, we observe that the use of the instruments increases the collective dimension of the creative process and in particular the diversification of the roles and their participation. Finally the instruments support the children in the structuring of narrative to produce richer stories.

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