Zooming In and Out



To zoom in, click the Zoom drop-down arrow and select a zoom percentage.


PowerPoint zooms your view of the slide.


To return a slide to its regular size, click the Zoom drop-down arrow and select Fit .


PowerPoint displays the entire slide in the Slide pane.


You can use the Zoom command to change your view of slide elements. You can zoom in for a closer view, or zoom out to see more of the slide. The Zoom feature is based on percentages; the higher the percentage, the closer the view.


Using the Zoom Dialog Box

Another way to set a zoom percentage is to use the Zoom dialog box. Select View, Zoom to display the dialog box, and then select a view percentage to use. Click OK to apply the zoom.


Zooming into a Specific Area

To zoom into a specific part of your slide, first click over that area, and then execute the Zoom command.

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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