Merging Review Files



Upon receiving the reviewed files back from the reviewers, open the original presentation file in PowerPoint.


Open the Tools menu and choose Compare and Merge Presentations .


The Choose Files to Merge with Current Presentation dialog box opens.


Locate and select the review files you want to combine. To select multiple files, press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking the filenames.


When you distribute a review file to others, they can open the file in PowerPoint and make any changes to the slide show. After they review the presentation, they can save their changes and return the file to you. You can then merge the review files with the original slide show and view all the changes.


Selecting Files

When selecting multiple files that are listed right next to each other, you can click the first filename, press and hold the Shift key, then click the last file. If the files are scattered , press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking files.


Creating Review Files

See the previous task, "Saving a Presentation for Multiple Reviewers," to learn how to create review files.



Click Merge .


PowerPoint combines all the files with the original file and displays markers in each location where a change occurs.


PowerPoint also displays the Reviewing toolbar and the Revisions Task pane.


Reviewing the Changes

See the next task, "Reviewing Changes in a Review File," to learn more about checking the changes in the merged review file.


Toggle the Toolbar

You can turn the Reviewing toolbar on or off as needed. Select View, Toolbars , Reviewing .

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