Reviewing Changes in a Review File



In Normal view, click the first slide in the presentation.


Click the Next Item button on the Reviewing toolbar or click the Next button in the Revisions pane.


PowerPoint jumps to the first change in the presentation.


Click the review box to display details about the requested change.


After merging review files from your collaborators, you can review the suggested changes and decide which ones to keep and which ones to ignore. If two or more people reviewed the presentation, each reviewer's changes are color -coded on the slides.


Merging Files First

See the previous task, "Merging Review Files," to learn how to combine review files before checking for changes.


Previewing Changes

Click the Gallery tab in the Revisions Task pane to see a preview of how each slide might look in the presentation if the suggested changes are implemented.



Click the check box to apply the change, or leave the check box empty to ignore the change.


Repeat steps 2 “5 to continue reviewing all the changes in the presentation.


When finished reviewing the presentation, click the End Review button on the Reviewing toolbar.


PowerPoint displays a prompt box. Click Yes to end the review and remove all the markers in the file.


Hiding Markers

You can click the Markup button on the Reviewing toolbar to toggle between hiding and displaying the change markers on your slides.


Conflicting Changes

If two or more reviewers suggest different changes to the same item, a red change marker appears on the slide. You can choose which person's change to implement, or ignore them all.


Toolbar Shortcuts

You can use the Apply and Unapply buttons on the Reviewing toolbar to apply or ignore reviewer changes in your slides. Use the Next Item and Previous Item buttons to move back and forth between changes.

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