Adding Narration



Click the Slide Sorter View button to switch to Slide Sorter view.


Click the first slide in the presentation.


Open the Slide Show menu and choose Record Narration .


The Record Narration dialog box opens. Click OK to begin.


You can record a narrator's voice to play throughout your slide show. You might use this technique for slide shows that run by themselves without a presenter. Begin by preparing a script for the presentation, making sure you know what the narrator should say for each slide.


Rehearse First

It's a good practice to rehearse your narration before attempting to record your voice.



PowerPoint displays the first slide. Speak into your microphone to record the narration for the slide.


Press the Spacebar to continue to the next slide.


To pause your recording at anytime , right-click the slide and click Pause Narration in the shortcut menu that appears.


To resume your recording, right-click the slide and click Resume Narration in the shortcut menu that appears.


Checking Your Microphone

Click the Set Microphone Level button in the Record Narration dialog box to test your microphone before recording. Then, speak into the microphone and watch the monitor scale for changes in display. If you see fluctuations in the scale, you know the microphone is working. You can move the slider to adjust the volume level. Click OK when finished testing your equipment.



At the end of the slide show, a dialog box appears. Click Save to save the slide timings along with the narration.


PowerPoint returns you to Slide Sorter view and displays the narration times beneath each slide. Click the Normal View button to return to Normal view.


Click a slide containing narration.


Double-click the speaker icon to hear the recording for that slide.


Removing Narration from a Slide

To remove the narration for a particular slide, display the slide in Normal view, click the speaker icon, and press the Delete key on your keyboard.


Temporarily Turning Off the Narration

To turn off the narration but keep the recording as part of your presentation, open the Slide Show menu and choose Set Up Show to open the Set Up Show dialog box. Then, deselect the Show Without Narration check box and click OK .

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