Recording Sounds



Click the slide to which you want to add a recorded sound.


Open the Insert menu, choose Movies and Sounds , and select Record Sound .


The Record Sound dialog box opens. Type a name for the sound in the Name field.


Click the Record button to begin recording, and speak into your computer's microphone or recording device.


In addition to including prerecorded sounds on your slides, you can record new sounds to use in a presentation. In order to do this, your computer needs to have a microphone installed on it.


Recording Sound Effects

You can use your computer microphone to record more than your voice. With a little creativity, you can create your own sound effects.



When you finish recording the sound, click the Stop button.


To play back the sound, click Play .


Click OK .


PowerPoint adds the sound to your slide as a speaker icon. Double-click the speaker icon to play the recorded sound.


Moving the Icon

You MIGHT need to move the speaker icon for the recorded sound so it does not interfere with other slide objects. Click and drag the icon to reposition it on the slide.


Playing the Sound During the Show

When you run your slide show and reach the slide containing the recorded sound, you must click the speaker icon on the slide to play the recording. See Parts 10 and 12 to learn more about running a slide show.

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