Part 1. Getting Started with Quicken

Quicken is the most popular personal finance package on the market today. You can use Quicken to manage your checking and saving accounts, plan for taxes, create and balance a budget, track investments, conduct transactions online, and much more. Whether you are using Quicken at home or with a small business, you can put its many features to work to help you oversee and control your finances.

Before you begin creating and working with accounts in Quicken, first acquaint yourself with the various program elements and how they work. The Quicken program window comprises a menu bar, a toolbar, and several panes and windows , such as the Account bar, which lists your Quicken accounts. The first step to mastering the program is knowing how to navigate the onscreen elements.

If you run into a problem or have a question about a Quicken command or task, you can consult the Quicken Help files for assistance. The Help files offer quick instructions and explanations for using the program, along with links to online Help sources on the Web.

When you start Quicken for the first time after installing the program, you will be prompted to set up an initial account. See Part 2, "Setting Up Accounts," to learn more about types of accounts and how to proceed through the setup steps.

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