Chapter 9. Adding Spice to Your Video


58 About Preset Effects

59 Adjust Color and Brightness

60 Enhance Video with Advanced Image Controls

61 Add and Customize an Effect

62 Rotate or Flip a Clip

63 Reset or Remove an Effect

64 Copy Effect Attributes from One Clip to Another

65 Create and Save a Preset

66 Enhance Audio with Advanced Effects

One of the most interesting aspects of Premiere Elements is that it is accessible by editors with many levels of technical skill and experience. For the hobbyist or the novice user, it offers many automatic and preset features. Yet most experienced users are pleasantly surprised to find how deep this program goes and how customizable nearly all its features are.

In this chapter, we'll look at some of the tools Premiere Elements offers to affect your video and audio qualities. Many of these are automatic or preset effectsbut even the more advanced tools are remarkably intuitive and easy to use, and it's likely you'll quickly become very comfortable using them on a regular basis.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
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