Chapter 4. Adding Media


13 About the Media Panel

14 Add Media with the Adobe Media Downloader

15 Add Special Media Clips

16 Create and Use Media Folders

17 Sort the Media Panel by Different Characteristics

18 About Troubleshooting Media Additions

19 Trim Clips in the Media Panel

20 About the Monitor Panel

21 Grab a Still from Video

Being able to capture and edit your video is great; but what if you would like to add more? This chapter covers all the other types of media you can add to your project. It also discusses how to perform some simple edits on the front end, before your clips are actually on the Timeline.

You might want to add many file types to your movie. Sometimes you might find short clips on the Internet you would like to download and use.


The Prelinger Archives have many videos that can be downloaded. Some of these date back to the early 1900s. Many of the clips are available in a number of formats and are in the public domain. This can be a fun place to search for clips that will add a special touch to your movie.

One creative way of enhancing your movie is to add still images along with the video. To do that, you have to import still image files from your hard drive. Whether the original source was from a digital camera, a scanner, or the Internet, you can add those still images to your movie. Another fun addition covered in this chapter is the Counting Leader (you know, the little countdown before the movie starts).

You will also learn how to extract video from a non-copy-protected DVD. This way, you can get clips from previous projects into new ones, even if you don't have the original files anymore. You can also download still images directly from your digital camera. So let's see what the Media panel is all about.

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