I thoroughly enjoy writing about and building components because these satisfying packages offer a big payoff with almost immediate results. Several authors ”including Ray Konopka, Danny Thorpe, and Ray Lischner ”seem to have specialized in writing books specifically about components. Unfortunately, these excellent books have focused on building components only for Delphi, as far as I can tell.

Chapter 9, although one of the longest chapters in this book, serves as just an introduction to topics related to creating custom components and controls for Windows and the Web. Much more could be written about designers, extenders, control data binding, component and control attributes, Toolbox presentation, component serialization, type editors, converters, format providers, and type descriptors. If you are interested in learning more about authoring components in VB .NET, I encourage you to write to my editor, Sondra Scott, at Addison-Wesley. Authors want readers for their books and will generally write about what their audiences want to read. Sending me an e-mail at will help me learn about your interests, but the publishers and editors ultimately decide which books get published ”so let them know what you want.

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