Visual Basic .NET Unleashed
By Paul Kimmel
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Thank you for buying and reading Visual Basic .NET Unleashed. Sharon Cox and I envisioned this project almost three years ago. At that time, I mistakenly thought I would be writing Visual Basic 7 Unleashed . What a difference a year made! My good friend Sharon is no longer with Sams, and Visual Basic .NET is not just Visual Basic 7. Without a continued commitment from my agent Chris Van Buren at Waterside and from Sondra Scott at Sams, I would not have written this book. I appreciate the opportunity that Sams has given me to write this book for you. By taking a moment of your valuable time to read these acknowledgements, you will help me thank the people who made writing Visual Basic .NET Unleashed possible.

Special thanks to the professionals who reviewed the original outline and provided valuable feedback: David Jung, Senior Systems Architect, Mullin Consulting Inc.; Mike Amundsen, Consultant and Author; and Ari Bixhorn, Visual Basic Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation. Their feedback during the conception of this book was invaluable and greatly appreciated.

A bow of gratitude goes out to Rob Howard and Connie Sullivan at Microsoft for redirecting dozens of questions to the people with the answers. Special thanks to Bill Chiles for timely information on macros, add-ins, wizards, and the global assembly cache. Thanks to Ty Carson for dropping what he was doing to put me in touch with some multithreading guys. (Thanks to Peter Monadjemi, author at large, for letting me explain threads to him.) And, thanks to all of the folks at Microsoft behind the scenes working to chase down answers to dozens of questions. Visual Basic .NET is a welcome "first-class" language that is a pleasure to develop with and write about.

Thanks to Duke Power in Charlotte, NC, and Jim Roundtree at ComConTech. Mr. Roundtree is a consummate professional, and I appreciate the matchmaking he did between Duke Power and me. Working with Toni Johnson, Jackie Gooding, Jack Blanton, and Bill Jones was my pleasure and good fortune . Bill Jones is the founder of the Enterprise Developer's Guild in Charlotte and provides a top- notch service that is helping dozens of developers with Visual Basic .NET. Jack Blanton, through his insightful questions, reminded me that Visual Basic .NET will present some real challenges to professional Visual Basic developers. I kept Jack and others at the Enterprise Developer's Guild in mind when writing this book, and I hope my efforts will help make the transition to Visual Basic .NET less of a burden .

I would like to thank Dennis Courtney at the Washington Area Delphi Users Group for allowing me to address their remarkable group. Borland's Delphi and Visual Basic .NET now share an intermingled history because one of Delphi's key architects is responsible for bringing .NET to Visual Basic developers. Thank you, Dennis, for your gracious hospitality.

My good friend Frank Arndt has been helping me hash out ideas for over 10 years now. Frank is a good sounding board for ideas, and I greatly value our relationship. Frank helped edit chapters in this book, along with Eric Lett and John Cottrell, who spent countless hours pouring over the code and text to help assure the highest quality and most accurate book possible. Eric works for the Credit Union of Central Manitoba, Canada, and ran the code several times through the various versions of .NET to help ensure that all of the code listings worked. John is a Senior Client/Server Developer at ALLTEL Information Services in Atlanta, Georgia; John worked diligently to ensure that we provided you with the best facts.

To you, the readers, I express my gratitude for spending your time and your hard-earned dollars in supporting my efforts. I hope my efforts support yours. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank my wife, Lori, and children Trevor, Douglas, Alex, and Noah. Without their patient and loving support, writing and programming would only be time stolen from them. They remind me every day that I am doubly blessed for having a loving family and an opportunity to do the things I love.


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