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Visual Basic .NET Unleashed
By Paul Kimmel
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Paul Kimmel is the founder of Software Conceptions, Inc. Paul provides Visual Basic consulting services to small, medium, and large corporations, having architected and implemented client/server, e-commerce, and Web applications throughout the United States and Canada.

Paul Kimmel is the author of several books on .NET, Visual Basic, VBA, Delphi, and C++ programming and has been programming professionally for 12 years and contributing to and authoring periodicals and books since 1992. Paul Kimmel is the author of the Visual Basic newsletter, CodeGuru VB , for Earthweb, Inc. Paul resides in Okemos, Michigan with his wife, Lori, and four childrenTrevor, Douglas, Alex, and Noahand various and sundry pets.


Visual BasicR. NET Unleashed
Visual BasicR. NET Unleashed
Year: 2001
Pages: 222

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