Chapter 15. Using Windows Forms


Visual Basic .NET Unleashed
By Paul Kimmel
Table of Contents
Part III.  User Interface Design

In This Chapter

  • Reviewing the Forms Namespace

  • Reviewing the System.Drawing Namespace

  • Using the Form Class

  • Custom Form Painting with GDI+

  • Summary

The System.Windows.Forms namespace provides a diverse hierarchy of classes, structures, delegates, and events for creating a rich graphical user interface. The Forms namespace contains the Form class as well as controls that can be used and subclassed for Windows applications.

Chapter 15 explores the System.Windows.Forms namespace, demonstrating some of the controls that you will commonly employ to design and implement graphical user interfaces. In this chapter, we will take a tour of the Forms namespace, demonstrate how to implement the various aspects of a form in .NET, and look at custom form shaping and painting afforded by GDI+.


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