Navigating This Book

If you’re completely new to XML, start at the beginning and work your way through to the end. Each chapter assumes that you’re familiar with the concepts included in the chapters that precede it. Intermediate to advanced developers should skim Chapters 1 and 2 and then read the chapters and sections that appeal to you, based on the table of contents and introductory text in all chapters. I suggest that you use the index to find the appropriate bits of information that you need.

Icons appear in the text to indicate important or especially helpful items. Here’s a list of the icons and their functions:


Notes provide additional or critical information and technical data on the current topic.


Tip icons point you to useful techniques and helpful hints.

Cross-Reference Cross-Reference icons point you to another chapter where you can find more information on a particular topic.


The Caution icon is your warning of a potential problem or pitfall.

On the CD The On the CD-ROM icon indicates that the companion CD contains a related file or additional information.

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