Wayne Russell, Electronics Lab Supervisor at T1-Auto Inc., grabs his cup of coffee each morning and sits down at his PC to check his Lotus Notes email. Using the same Lotus Notes software, he switches over to another database and checks the status of the various tests being performed in the electronics lab. Wayne opens the ‘Electronics Lab Test System’ and tracks the tests that are being performed on parts from the various plants at T1-Auto. Finally, all of the electronic tests were being submitted and tracked in a consistent and efficient manner.

Our company was growing, Wayne reflects. This caused communication gaps because of new people not knowing the testing process. Before the Notes system, we had not defined the testing process. In the midst of a test, people might be making changes on the fly to the procedures that were being carried out. With all these changes going on, it was difficult to know who the key players, who needed to know what.

The new Electronics Lab Test System (ELTS) created and enforced a consistent process for submitting parts to the electronics test lab. The system also handled the various events and sub-processes that occur within the testing process. By leveraging the recently installed Lotus Notes infrastructure at T1-Auto, the ELTS greatly improved the testing process and quickly resulted in a positive payback for a relatively small investment. This workflow system achieved all of the expected benefits of implementing a workflow system, including: less paper, higher throughput, standardization of procedures, improved customer services, and an improved ability to audit the process.

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