Ownership of Online Travel Agents and Major GDS

Online Agency (Market Share[i])

Owning/Partner GDS (Market Share[ii])


Notes (39%)

Sabre (50%)

American (divested)[iii]

Sabre manages US Airways reservations systems. is also a strategic partner. (4%[iv])

Galileo (24%)

United Cendant

Also operates

Amadeus (8%)

Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa

Acquired Advantage Travel, a large Texas travel agency and have a strategic partnership with Terra Lycos[v]. (Kasper (2000) predicts 2% share by 2004)


American, Continental, Delta, United, Northwest

Orbitz "reengineer older technologies", using their own software, to avoid Computer Reservation System fees (24%)


USA Networks Inc.[vii]

Microsoft market Expedia through their MSN network. Ticketmaster is a strategic partner.


Worldspan (18%)

Northwest, Delta, TWA

TWA merged with American Airlines in 2001 (10%)

Strategic alliance with announced in 2001


Almost 20% of business comes from online partner sites such as AOL and Travelocity.comv[vii]



Discontinued operations, Sept. 2001

[i]Year 2000 online travel sales market share figures, obtained from Kasper (2000).

[ii]Year 2000 GDS bookings market share figures, derived from Sabre investor relations section on corporate website.

[iii]American turned Sabre into an independent company in March 2000.

[iv]The market share figure given is that of, another brand used by the same company.

[v]Terra Lycos is the world's third largest Internet portal (according to the Amadeus corporate website).

[vi]Worldspan is a key strategic business partner of, but not owner.

[vii]USA Networks Inc., a Microsoft business partner, acquired Expedia from Microsoft in July 2001.

[vii]Source: corporate website

[ix]Rosenbluth is a large bricks-and-mortar travel agent.

Sources of Information: Heartland (2001), airlines' and their business partners' corporate websites.

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