Lawrence OlivaIntelligent Decisions LLC President

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Lawrence Oliva
Intelligent Decisions LLC

Lawrence Oliva is the President of Intelligent Decisions LLC, an IT services company providing secured e-commerce, database and knowledge management services. Mr. Oliva has been an executive in the technology industry for more than 20 years, including senior management roles at Sun Microsystems and Dell Computer. As a certified program manager, he has led global project teams, building and implementing e-commerce and biometric security systems for large and small companies. As a senior consultant, he has selected and justified investments in e-commerce software and systems, and developed business and pricing models obtaining user-paid revenues from online transactions. He holds an MBA and a bachelor's degree in Organizational Behavior. Mr. Oliva is a noted author of technology subjects and is a senior editor for the Information Resources Management Journal and other Idea Group Inc. publications.

  • Company's main products or services:

    E-Commerce, Knowledge Management and Information Security Consulting Services.

  • Number of employees:

    Intelligent Decisions LLC has a staff of eight people, all with expertise in IS, network management and government security standards.

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