Matan AraziA2i, Inc.Director of IT

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Matan Arazi
A2i, Inc.
Director of IT

An Israeli native that grew up in the U.S. and Japan, Matan Arazi spent three years in the Israeli army's elite intelligence unit, where he analyzed and accumulated diverse knowledge of current computer, communication and IS standards, practices and technologies. He then became CTO of KenyonNet, Israeli's first full-scale online shopping mall. Following this, Arazi joined Conduct Software Technologies. Next, he spearheaded the development of Israel's online National Photography Archive. He then accepted a position at A2i in Los Angeles, and is currently in charge of designing and overseeing the deployment of A2i's leading-edge accelerated cross-media catalog publishing and e-commerce solution, where he pays particular attention to deployment and security topics.

  • Company's main products or services:

    A2i has developed xCat, a scalable system for enterprise-wide content management and catalog publishing. A2i's cross-media publishing system is database driven, blazingly fast and supports up to millions of products. The A2i xCat system is a new class of application software for enterprise-wide content management, catalog publishing and system integration.

  • Number of employees:

    Approximately 100.

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