Appendix A: Panel Member Profiles

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Mark Naglost
Berkeley Information Technology
Managing Director

Mark Naglost is the Managing Director ofBerkeley Information Technology Pty. Ltd. (, a leading Australian company specialising in Customer Relationship Management and Internet services. He has filled this role for four years and has also filled other senior management and board positions including the CTO of OzStudios Pty. Ltd.

He has a Masters of Science in Information Technology from the University of New South Wales and is a full member of the Australian Computer Society. He also holds a number of industry certifications, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Mr. Naglost has almost 10 years of experience within the IT industry and specialises in Internet and intranet systems with a focus on system integrity and security. He can be contacted at

  • Company's main products or services

    Customer Relationship Management and Internet Services.

  • Number of employees

    Ten to 15 staff including a mixture of full-time, part-time and field- expert consultants. Berkeley IT is a reactive organisation that can grow to accommodate almost any project or requirement via its comprehensive and cohesive partner network.

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