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I didn't really write this entire book. Well, I typed it all in, but without the guidance, inspiration, and critical input from many other people this book would be nothing like it is. A ton of people also helped in indirect ways.

There are countless correspondents with whom I've learned a lot about Flash. Instead of naming several and inadvertently neglecting many, let me just say that participating in local user groups and online forums is a great way to expand your knowledge and build your businessthey've helped me and helped this book.

Macromedia is the most approachable software company I know. Without the following current and former Macromedia employees (and countless others I can't name ), this book wouldn't be what it is (nor would Flash be the product that it is): Jeremy Allaire, Allen Ellison, Lucian Beebe, Brad Bechtel, Jody Bleyle, Greg Burch, Damian Burns, David Calaprice, Mike Chambers, Jeremy Clark, Henriette Cohn, Karen Cook, Jim Corbett, John Dowdell, Joel Dreskin, Troy Evans, Vera Fleischer, Craig Goodman, Gary Grossman, Giacomo "Peldi" Guilizzoni, Rebekah Hash, Barbara Herbert, Chris Hock, Jeff Kamerer, Forest Key, Lily Khong, San Khong, Sean Kranzberg, Kevin Lynch, Sasha Magee, David Mendels, Erica Norton, Chris Nuuja, Nigel Pegg, Peter Santangeli, Sharon Selden, Mark Shepherd, Mark Schroeder, Ed Skwarecki, Tracy Stampfi, Joan Tan, Christopher Thilgen, Tinic Uro, Chris Walcott, Matt Wobensmith, Michael Williams, Eric J. Wittman, Edwin Wong, Greg Yachuk, Lisa Young, and Jody Zhang.

Special thanks also to Chafic Kazoun.

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Macromedia Flash MX 2004 for Rich Internet Applications
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 for Rich Internet Applications
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