Chapter 12

  1. The ENIAC was programmed by rewiring the computer.

  2. Grace Hopper coined the term bug and helped developed the COBOL programming language.

  3. The EDSAC system is commonly thought of as the first stored-program system.

  4. FORTRAN was the first modern programming language.

  5. Dennis Ritchie created the C programming language.

  6. Bjarne Stroustrup created the C++ programming language.

  7. C/C++ is considered a high-performance programming language because it lets you directly manipulate memory.

  8. The Java programming language was originally intended to program smart devices such as cable television boxes.

  9. The Java Virtual Machine is a program running on a computer that interprets the tokenized source code of a Java program and executes it.

  10. The primary weakness of the C# programming language is that there is no guarantee C# will be supported for non-Windows platforms. Microsoft, who created C#, views C# as a means of creating programs on Windows platforms.

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