Report Details


The Details tab on a task report allows you to define the specific "sub" information that the report shows about your tasks or resources. The table as defined in the Definition tab tells the report the basic fields that should be displayed in the report, but the report can contain much more detail about the task, and also include information about the assignments on that task.


graphics/one_icon.jpg With the Notes check box in the Task section checked, there will be a section indented beneath the task in the report containing the full contents of the notes page for that task.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Check the Objects box in the Task section to have any object inserted into the notes page displayed in the report.

graphics/three_icon.jpg The Predecessors/Successors boxes in the Task section will insert a table for each task that shows the tasks to which they are related .

graphics/four_icon.jpg The Notes check box in the Assignment section shows the notes for the assignment. It should be noted that the notes referred to here are notes on the assignment itself, and do not refer to task or resource notes.

graphics/five_icon.jpg The Schedule option in the Assignment shows a table that contains the name of the resource for the assignment, as well as the Units, Work, Delay, Start and Finish values for the assignment.

graphics/six_icon.jpg The Cost option in the Assignment section adds the Cost, Baseline Cost, Actual Cost, and Remaining Cost values to the table.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg The Work option in the Assignment section adds the Work, Overtime Work, Baseline Work, Actual Work, and Remaining Work values to the table.

graphics/eight_icon.jpg The Border Around Details option draws a border around the detail tables in the report.

graphics/nine_icon.jpg The Gridlines Between Details option inserts horizontal gridlines to separate the fields in the tables.

graphics/ten_icon.jpg The Show Totals option inserts a sum for the values in the tables.


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