Like any other application, Microsoft Office Project is made up of many parts . Toolbars , menus , views, and so on all work together to make up the application you use everyday. This chapter shows you the various parts of the application, the various kinds of views available, and how these views are generally used in the course of managing a project.

It's important that you become familiar with the interface of Project. This is true of any software you use, but even more so with Project. This is true because most applications like Microsoft Word or Excel operate in a context you have been familiar with for years, namely writing and math. However, Project works in a place that has likely only become familiar to you within the last few years ”project management. So, the terms used and the concepts covered inside Project may not be second nature like they are for Word. So take some time and play around with the interface. Open a blank project and insert a few tasks . Then explore what the different menus, toolbars, and views do and show you. This is the best way to become an expert with Project: experiment and explore.

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Show Me Microsoft Office Project 2003
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