Rescheduling Remaining Work


Project will also allow you to move the unfinished portions of tasks so that they start after the status date. This is useful for updating tasks that are behind schedule. In the example from the previous task, we moved the status date from 8/5 to 8/12. A week has gone by and no work was done on the tasks . This feature moves the unfinished portions of the task that were scheduled to occur before the current status date so that they start after the status date.

Reschedule Remaining Work

graphics/one_icon.jpg If you have not done so, update the status date as shown in the section "Updating the Project Status Date." (For our example, we have moved the status date to 8/12.)

graphics/two_icon.jpg Select the tasks that should have their work rescheduled.

graphics/three_icon.jpg This line represents the status date of 8/12.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Notice the unworked sections of the tasks that occur before the status date.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Click the Reschedule Work button on the Tracking toolbar.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Notice that the unfinished portion of the selected tasks have moved out so that they start after the status date.


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