Updating Tasks Using Timescaled Data


Updating Tasks Using Timescaled Data

If you get timesheet-style updates from your resources, this method of updating status will be more effective. It allows you to enter the number of hours of work done by each resource on each task on each day. It is much more time-consuming to maintain, but it is also much more exact in its nature and provides a clearer picture of the real state of the project.

Update Tasks Using Timescaled Data

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the View, Resource Usage menu item.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Find the resource that you want to update.

graphics/three_icon.jpg From the list of tasks shown for that resource, find the task you want to update.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Right-click in the timescaled area and select Actual Work from the list of fields.

graphics/five_icon.jpg In the timescale area of the view, find the date you want to update.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Enter the number of hours worked by this resource on this task in the cell for the date on which they were worked.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Repeat this for each day actual work was reported for this task.

graphics/eight_icon.jpg Repeat steps 2 “7 for each resource.


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