Work with Text Styles


Project allows you to define how it will format text it displays in tables, in charts , and in other views. This can be a powerful way to communicate data about the tasks or resources being displayed. For example, you can tell Project to format the text for critical tasks to look differently than noncritical tasks. You can also tell Project to format the text for summary tasks in a different font or color than normal tasks. The example here shows the Text Styles dialog with settings defined so that critical tasks will be displayed with their text bolded and colored red.


The screenshot here shows how the settings in the previous dialog box format a Gantt Chart view.


As you can see, the tasks that are on the critical path for this sample project are colored in red text. This can be very useful when looking at large Gantt Chart views because even in the Tracking Gantt view, where the critical path tasks have their bars drawn in red, you must be able to see the bars to get the visual cue. When using Text styles, a user does not need to see the task's Gantt bar to be reminded that it is on the critical path.

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