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In order to interface with the Recovery Shell, I need access to my Install and Recovery CD/DVD. True or False?


As of HP-UX 11.0, the Install and Recovery Media was located on the same CD/DVD. This has made recovering a variety of HP systems easier because we can use any HP-UX 11.X Install/Recovery CD to recover any HP-UX 11.X system. True or False?


The LVM /VxVM headers on a boot disk can become corrupted. In order for a maintenance mode boot to succeed, the /stand/filesystem must be located at a predetermined location so that the HP-UX secondary loader can bypass the boot headers and mount /stand directly. True or False?


The mkboot command by default overwrites existing settings and files in the LIF area with the contents of the /usr/lib/uxbootlf file. True or False?


If someone can interact with the boot process of a server, he can boot the system in single- user mode, gaining access to the root account without supplying a password. The only safeguard we have against this is to ensure that the system console is in a locked environment and that users with access to the system console are authorized to do so. True or False?

HP-UX CSE(c) Official Study Guide and Desk Reference
HP-UX CSE(c) Official Study Guide and Desk Reference
Year: 2006
Pages: 434

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