In-Culture Marketing Keeps Your Brand in Focus

In-Culture Marketing Keeps Your Brand in Focus

Because the consuming ways of Anglo American women have just recently come into sharper focus for many marketers, we may too easily default to marketing to them when developing a new campaign. But, the facts are in: Hispanic, Asian and Black Americans are the three key markets poised for major expansion in the United States during the coming years .

Knowing what we do about how much women, in general, influence consumer spending, it behooves us as marketers to focus in on what makes the women of these ethnic groups see our brands clearly and positively. Our marketing efforts should become in-culture in step with a marketplace that now has an increasing number of skin colors and cultures.

There is so much to learn about female consumers in the emerging majorities that you can't just dip your toe in the water. Rather, you've got to dive in and fully commit to continuing your education in how to reach them. Do whatever you can to discover what cultural cues might be influencing their view of your product or brand.

When they see your brand reflecting their culture and communitythrough event sponsorships, in-language billboards or ethnically specific offerings (such as food products)that's when the women of these hugely influential markets will stand up and take note of what your are doing. And, that's how they will all get the best perspective of what your product or service has to offer them.

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Dont Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy -- and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market
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