Changing Phone Dialing Options

When phone numbers or dialing settings to an Internet Service Provider or a network change, you need to update the phone dialing options your modem uses to make a dial-up connection. You can use Phone and Modem properties in the Control Panel to add, edit, and customize phone dialing options on your computer for one or more locations. For example, you can change country, region or area codes, disable call waiting, and set up a credit card number to pay for calls. You can also set access rules for dialing local, long distance, and international calls. If you no longer use a dialing location, you can remove it.

Change Phone Dialing Options


Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.


Double-click the Phone And Modem Options icon in Classic view.


Click the Dialing Rules tab, and then click a dialing location.


Click Edit, and then click the General tab.


Change the country/region or area code.


Specify the dialing rules you want.


If you want, select the To Disable Call Waiting check box.


To apply area code dialing rules, click the Area Code Rules tab, and then click New to create one.


To use a calling card, click the Calling Card tab, select a calling card option, or click New to create your own.


Click OK.


Click OK.



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