With user accounts, you can customize and personalize Windows for each user on your computer. Each user can have their own My Documents folder and list of Web favorites, customize computer preferences, and protect private files. When you set up a new user account, the account appears on the Welcome screen, where the new user can log on.

You can use User Accounts in the Control Panel to add or delete user accounts, create a guest account, change a user's group or account type, change the way Windows starts, change the account picture, and set, change, and reset an account password.

If you are working on the Internet, you can create security zones to designate trusted web sites, set web site ratings to restrict user access, use the Profile Assistant to protect personal information on the Internet, and manage cookies to protect your personal identity from unauthorized access. While you are browsing the Internet or working in your e-mail program, you need to be aware of viruses and protect your computer from being infected by one.

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