Windows XP comes with an accessory called Windows Movie Maker (version 2) that lets you combine video, audio, and image files with special effects to create movies you can show on your computer or CD, e-mail to others, record on a digital camera, or place on a web page.

In Movie Maker, you create a project that contains the arrangement and timing information of audio and video clips, video transitions, video effects, and titles in a storyboard or timeline. You drag video and audio clips from a collection to the storyboard or timeline. After you arrange the video and audio clips in the sequence you want, you can add video transitions, video effects, and titles and credits. After you preview your project using the monitor, you save it as a movie file to your computer or to a recordable CD, send it as an attachment in an e-mail message, save and send it to the web, or record your movie to a digital video tape. The movie you create can be watched in a media player, such as Microsoft Windows Media Player, or in a web browser.

Before using Movie Maker, you need to connect and install the equipment needed to transfer video content to your computer, such as a digital video or web camera. Movie Maker must detect the video device on your computer, and you must properly connect the device to a USB port, a video capture card, or an IEEE 1394 port. (Check your computer documentation for details.)

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