Formatting and Printing Photos

Windows XP makes it easy to format and print photographs with the Photo Printing Wizard, which allows you to print photographs from a digital camera, scanner, or your computer. With the wizard, you can select the photo(s) to print, the paper type, and a page layout, such as full-page prints, contact-sheet prints, 8 x 10-inch prints, 5 x 7-inch prints, 4 x 6-inch prints, 3.5 x 5-inch prints, and wallet size prints. To print a photo from your computer, you need a color printer and special photo paper. In order to get the best results when you print photographs, set your printer resolution to the highest setting for the best quality output, and use high-quality glossy paper designed specifically for printing photographs. Check your printer documentation for the best resolution setting suited to print your photographs. When you print photographs with a high resolution setting, the printing process might take longer. Many printer manufacturers also make paper designed to work best with their printers; check your printer manufacturer's web site for more information.

Format and Print a Photo


Open the folder containing the picture or folder you want to print.


Select the picture(s).


Click Print This Picture or Print The Selected Pictures.


Click Next .


If you want, select or clear the check boxes next to files to include or exclude them, and then click Next.


Click the Printer list arrow, and then select a printer.


If you want, click Printing Preferences to change printer settings, and then click OK.


Click Next.


Select the printer layout you want to use; scroll, if necessary.


Click Next.


Click Finish.



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