Making a Phone Call with the Internet

Windows Messenger allows you to dial regular phones through a voice service provider using a modem on your computer. Once the modem connects to the number you are dialing, called the remote party , you can pick up your phone and talk. This feature is useful for people who spend long periods of time near their computers because it allows them to place calls without first dialing numbers on a phone. When you use Windows Messenger, having your modem's speakers on is helpful so you can hear what is actually happening with the connection. If your computer is located on a network behind a firewall, you might not be able to make phone calls; check with your network administrator for details.

Make a Phone Call


Click the Actions menu, and then click Make A Phone Call.


If you need a voice service provider, click Get Started Here, and follow the instructions to sign up.


Type a phone number, including the area code (even for local calls), and then type a name after it for easy identification on your list.


Click Dial.


Use the controls to adjust the volume of the speakers or microphone.


When you're done, click Hang Up to end the call.


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