Having a Voice and Video Chat

When used with Windows XP, Windows Messenger provides state-of-the-art computer communications features. With Windows Messenger, you can talk to others over the Internet as you do on a regular phone, and you can use video to see others and let others see you as you converse . Once you set up your computer hardware and software, you're ready to communicate over the Internet. You have two communication choices: audio only, and audio and video. With audio only, you speak into a microphone and hear the other person's response over your computer's speakers . With audio and video, you send video to others so they receive live images as well as sound. If the contacts you call don't have a video camera, they will see you, but you won't see them.

Have a Voice or Video Conversation


Double-click the Windows Messenger icon in the notification area of the taskbar, and then sign in, if necessary.


Double-click the contact you want to send an instant message.


Click Start Talking or Start Camera, and then wait for the other person to accept the invitation .


Use the controls to adjust the volume of the speakers or microphone.


Start talking.


To end the voice or video conversation, click Stop Talking or Stop Camera.


Click the Close button.



Did You Know?

You can fine-tune your audio and video system . Click the Tools menu, click Audio Tuning Wizard, and then follow the step-by-step instructions.

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