Resizing Text While Typing

If you type text in a placeholder, PowerPoint uses AutoFit to resize the text, if necessary, to fit into the placeholder. The AutoFit Text feature changes the line spacing ”or paragraph spacing ”between lines of text and then changes the font size to make the text fit. The AutoFit Options button, which appears near your text the first time that it is resized, gives you control over whether you want the text to be resized. The AutoFit Options button displays a menu with options for controlling how the option works. You can also display the AutoCorrect dialog box and change the AutoFit settings so that text doesn't resize automatically.

Resize Text as You Type


If the AutoFit Options box appears while you type, click the AutoFit Options button to select an option, or continue typing and PowerPoint will automatically adjust your text to fit.


If you click the AutoFit Options button, click the option you want to fit the text on the slide.


Turn Off AutoFit


Click the Tools menu, and then click AutoCorrect Options.


Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.


Clear the AutoFit Title Text To Placeholder and AutoFit Body Text To Placeholder check boxes.


Click OK.


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