Editing Text


If you are familiar with word processing programs, you probably already know how to perform most text editing tasks in PowerPoint. You can move, copy, or delete existing text; replace it with new text; and undo any changes you just made. Some of the editing methods require that you select the text first. When you select text, the text is surrounded by a rectangle of gray slanted lines, indicating you can now edit the text.

Select and Modify Text


Position the mouse pointer to the left of the text you want to highlight.


Drag the pointer over the text ”just a few words, a few lines, or entire paragraphs.


Release the mouse button when you have selected all the text you want.


Modify the text the way you want.

  • To delete text, press Delete.

  • To replace text, type your new text.


Move or Copy Text


Select the text you want to move or copy.


Move or copy the text the way you want.

  • To move text short distances in the outline tab or on a slide, drag the text to the new location. To copy text, press and hold the Ctrl key as you drag the text.

  • To move or copy text between slides, click the Cut or Copy button on the Standard toolbar, click where you want to insert the text, and then click the Paste button.


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