Whether you need to put together a quick presentation of sales figures for your management team or create a polished slide show for your company's stockholders , Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 can help you present your information efficiently and professionally.

PowerPoint is a presentation graphics program ”software that helps you create a slide show presentation. A slide show presentation is made up of a series of slides that can contain charts , graphs, bulleted lists, eye-catching text, multimedia video and sound clips, and more. PowerPoint makes it easy to generate and organize ideas, and it provides tools for creating the parts of an effective slide show. PowerPoint also makes it easy to create slide show supplements, such as handouts, speaker's notes, and transparencies .

Using the AutoContent Wizard, you can put together a quick presentation for a staff meeting. PowerPoint also provides a selection of professionally designed slide templates that can be used for all your business needs. When it comes time to develop your presentation, PowerPoint offers a selection of views and panes ”Normal view, Slide Sorter view, and Slide Show view. Normal view is helpful for working on individual slides and notes, while Slide Sorter view helps you organize all of your slides and add transition elements. The Slide Show view pulls it all together, allowing you to view your slide show on your computer monitor for fine tuning. When building your presentation, or doing a lot of adjusting to your presentation, you might find the Outline and Slides pane to be a quick way to accomplish your presentation changes.

There are a variety of tools that PowerPoint provides for packaging your presentation. You can save your presentation on a CD for clients , view it at the office, send it through e-mail, or even broadcast your presentation over the Internet.

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