Checking Spelling


PowerPoint's spelling checker checks the spelling of the entire presentation, including all slides, outlines, notes pages, and handout pages. To help you identify misspelled words or words that PowerPoint's built-in dictionary does not recognize, PowerPoint underlines them with a wavy red line. You can correct misspelled words in your presentation two different ways. You can use the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar to check the entire presentation using the Spelling dialog box, or when you encounter a wavy red line under a word, you can right-click the word and choose the correct spelling from the list on the shortcut menu.

Check Spelling


Click the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar.


If the Spelling dialog box opens, click Ignore if the word is spelled correctly, or click the correct spelling, and then click Change.


PowerPoint will prompt you when the spelling check is complete, or you can click Close to end the spelling check.


Did You Know?

You can mark a word as a foreign language word . Select the foreign word or phrase that you want to mark. Click the Tools menu, click Language, click the foreign language, and then click OK.

You can add a word to the custom dictionary . When the spelling checker stops on the word you want to add to your custom dictionary, click Add.

Correct Spelling as You Type


Click the Tools menu, and then click Options.


Click the Spelling And Style tab.


Select the Check Spelling As You Type check box.


Click OK.


If a red wavy line appears under a word as you type, right click it and then click the correct spelling.



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