Creating a Diagram


PowerPoint offers a variety of built-in diagrams from which to choose, including pyramid, cycle, radial, and Venn diagrams as well as organization charts. Using built-in diagrams makes it easy to create and modify charts without having to create them from scratch. To use the built-in diagrams, click the Insert Diagram Or Organization Chart button on the Drawing toolbar or click Diagram on the Insert menu, and then select a diagram.

Create a Diagram


In Normal view, display the slide to which you want to add a diagram.


Click the Insert Diagram Or Organization Chart button on the Drawing toolbar.


Select a diagram type, and then click OK.


Enter data into the text boxes provided.


Format a Diagram


Click a blank area of the diagram to deselect the text box.


Drag a sizing handle to resize the diagram.


On the Diagram toolbar, click the AutoFormat button, select a style from the Diagram Style Gallery, and then click OK.


Did You Know?

You can format your diagram using the Diagram toolbar . The Diagram toolbar offers several ways to format your diagram. Use the Insert Shape button to add elements or segments, or to move them backward or forward.

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